Based on Fujaba, there are currently two reengineering tools under development:


Reclipse is a Reverse Engineering tool suite. It allows the graphical specification and automated detection of strcutural and behavioral patterns in source code. We support the analysis of Java, C++ and Delphi code.


Archimetrix is a tool for the iterative recovery and reengineering of component-based software architectures. It allows to recover component architectures from source code. Moreover, bad smells can be detected and ranked according to their influence on the architetcure. Finally, automated reenginering strategies can be used to remove the bad smells and the impact on the architecture can be analyzed.


Details for NMW04_ag

Title: User-driven adaption in rule-based pattern recognition
Written by: J. Niere, M. Meyer, L. Wendehals:
in: June 2004
Volume: Number: tr-ri-04-249
on pages: 1-10
Address: Paderborn, Germany
how published:
Institution: University of Paderborn
File: tr-ri-04-249.pdf


Abstract: Today, in software intensive projects a huge amount of the budget flows into the analysis of the already existing system. The reason for the high costs results mainly from the fact that analyses are often made manually or with automatic tool support, which is inappropriate for analyzing large systems. Semi-automatic analysis approaches usually use a notion of fuzziness to overcome this limitation, but inherit the problem of selecting appropriate initial values. In this paper we present an approach to adapt the initial values of our semi-automatic reverse engineering process. We provide the reverse engineer with accuracy information for results produced by a rule-based inference algorithm. Based on the changes of the results done by the reverse engineer we automatically adapt a credibility value of each rule, which previously has been used to compute the accuracy of the result. The adaption fits seamlessly into our overall analysis process. First tests show that it is suitable for the calibration of our fuzzyfied rule-based pattern recognition approach.

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