Thursday, 29. October 2009

Fujaba Days 2009: Program and Room info

By: Pieter Van Gorp
Please register ASAP!

The program and TU/e campus/room info for the upcoming Fujaba Days can be found on the workshop website.  Please register as soon as possible if you haven't done so yet because the number of attendees is limited. 

The proceedings (PDF) will be uploaded to the website on november 5.
In summary, the workshop has a focus on model-driven software engineering based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  On the first day, we have three presentation sessions:

  1. ``Repository Integration / Middleware'' focuses on the internals of the case tool (Java API, code generation mechanism, ...),
  2. ``Pattern Matching and Rewriting'' focuses on (software design) mining and transformations,
  3. ``Modeling Languages'' involves extensions to the UML, and/ormappings to other modeling languages.

On the second day, we have the final session of paper presentations, entitled ``Real-Time''.  This session integrates the techniques from the first day on a concrete application domain (real-time software).  Although this session is very application-oriented, you may pick up ideas that are of interest to other domains as well. 

After each of the four sessions, there will be a short brainstorm to derive interesting discussion topics.  These topics will be elaborated in parallel during the afternoon of the second day.  This setup should create an atmosphere where you can interact informally with the experts and challenge them to apply their techniques on new application domains (e.g., your research project).

Looking forward to a lively workshop!
Pieter Van Gorp

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